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Where are all the ads?

Even if you're not using Ad-blocking, you won't see normal ads on this site. That's because most ad services are abusive and sloppy: animating, making noise, and using various tricks to track and tag you from site to site.

Bollocks, I say.

You should be able to use a website without being secretly taken advantage of and that's why this site, if we ever do offer any kind of advertising it will adhere to extremely high standards of security, privacy, and good sense.

If you are interested in advertising with us and believe you can meet our standards, please contact me.

Supporting domain_proper

Lacking ads, the ways that you can help support this site and the awesome things we do are as follows:

  • Share this site with your friends and family - More users means more noteriety and more commission from the stores people buy from. If you likeus, tell everyone you know!
  • Consider a PayPal donation - Any amount is helpful. If we someday find advertisers who aren't creeps or monetize some other way, we'll remove this option, but until then, this is kind of a volunteer effort.