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BS-free Terms of Service

Is it so unreasonable to think that we can just be adults about this? That you can enjoy a web service without being subjected to every legal and technical trick in the book? And that I can offer this service without being taken advantage of in return? I think so.

The sum total of the site terms is this:

I (the real, living, normal person) who runs this website am doing everything I can to make Agifta.com a great service that works as well as possible. Sometimes it might break. It may not work the way you expect or want. Heck, sometimes I might may screw up royally. But these kinds of things happen despite good intentions. All I can promise is to do my best and in return, I only ask that you be a model citizen.

That means that you can't be abusive of the system, it's users, or administrators. If you have a complaint or issue, that's what the Contact Form is for. And if I can't resolve ymy issue in the end, I can't accept liability for any real or percieved harm. "That seems unfair?" you say?

Well look at it this way; let's say that, through no fault of ymy own, one of the people you bought a gift for is able to discover that fact through a site error or flaw. You might be disappointed, or even upset, but these things happen and it's just not reasonable to decide that I owe you anything other than an apology and promise to do better in the future.

So, in summary:

There's my "simple as can be", plain-language Terms of Service. Be kind and help me prove that websites don't have to bury you in legal-speak to operate.

Privacy Policy

I am resolute on building a site that would far, far exceed normal standards of privacy on the web. That's why my site does not now, nor will it ever, require information that is not strictly necessary for this site to operate. Any request for optional data will be clearly labeled as such.

In fact, I encourage you to use made-up names and information as much as you'd like. You may have some difficulty managing friends and family if you use nicknames, but that's your choice.

It is most definitely my plan to sell aggregate information such as what kinds of things people have on their "list of things to buy" and what prices they're waiting for, but that information will never include names or other personally identifying information or emails. My site is designed to function, as much as is possible and reasonable, without violating the anonymity of my users. I do not use "web bugs", tracking cookies, or other web technology that will track and monitor you across the Internet.

At most, if you have products on your list that points to my affiliates, I will add an identifying tag so the affiliate will know that my information (so I can get a referral fee). There is no known privacy or security issue with this practice as my affiliates are not sent any extra information about you; only that you came from my site.

If you have an further questions about the information I gather and how it's used or think the site might not be working the way I intended, please Contact Me.