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The best Family Gift Registry EVER!
You have new messages.

Gift list features

Makes lists of all kinds! One for you, one for the kids, one for things you need for the house. Then, when you find or think of something you need, but can't get right away, add it to the list.Keep your list private, share with your friends, or make your list public to the world.

Adding items is a breeze with the "autofill" function! You can drag a link from another website, paste it into the "new item" box on a wishlist, or use the "I want this" bookmarklet and the site will download item details and product images automatically. For unsupported websites or if you just want to add the information by hand, you can do that too.

Edit, sort, or delete items easily an at any time. Copy them to different lists or share them with your friends with a few clicks of the mouse. E-mail or share your list to popular web sites or create a printable version of the list using the provided controls.

Gift coordination

Like any other registry, you can make multiple lists (one for you, one for the kids, one for a school fund-raiser) were you can add and manage items you want/need, but we have Secret Gift Coordination!

  • Claim any item so the list owner's friends know you are getting it!
  • If any of your friends and family click a claimed item, the site will warn them that it's been spoken for.
  • Leave comments that the list owner can't see, but the rest of his or her friends can! Coordinate combo gifts or just ask for advice on colors, style etc all without spoiling the surprise!
  • Know of a gift idea that the list owner would love, but haven't put on their list? Add it yourself! Just like comments, item suggestions can be hidden so the list owner is in the dark until the gift is opened!